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Fortaleza restaurants

Fortaleza restaurants offer everything you can think of. From the traditional, regional kitchen (with or without settlers influence) to seafood to the foreign kitchen. Because of it's good soil and wheather the Brazilian fruit, vegetables and nuts are of very good quality. This means the traditional, regional kitchen is very divers, healthy and well known, even outside Brazil. Examples of the traditional kitchen are; Peixada (fish stewed in vegetable souce and pirao (manioc flour and fish sauce cream)), Peixe a delicia (fish, melted cheese and spices and herbs) and Pacoca (sun-dried, roasted minced meat). As you can see in the list below restaurants, foods from allover the world like: Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese are presented in Fortaleza.


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Avenida Senador Virgílio Távora 600


Tel.: 0055(0)85 32440133

  • kitchen: Italian


    Alimenta Bistro

    Avenida Dom Luís 1112

    Fortaleza, Aldeota

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32675885

  • kitchen: contemporary


    Al Mare

    Avenida Beira Mar 3821

    Fortaleza, Meireles

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32633888

  • kitchen: seafood


    Picanha do Raul

    Rua Joauim Alves 73

    Fortaleza, Iracema

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32196451

  • kitchen: steakhouse



    Avenida Beira Mar 4260

    Fortaleza, Mucuripe

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32634635

  • kitchen: French



    Rua Pereira Valente 1520

    Fortaleze Varjota

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32673033

  • kitchen: Japanese


    Alejandro Huerta Cafe Matisse

    Rua Silva Jatahy 942

    Fortaleza, Aldeota

    Tel.: 0055(0)085 32421377

    • kitchen: seafood



    Rua Osvaldo Cruz 640


    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32613411

  • kitchen: Italian

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