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Fortaleza shops, malls and markets

Although Fortaleza isn't a shopper's paradise like f.e. Dubai you will find almost everything you desire here. Fortaleza has modern malls in which you can buy everything, from designer clothes, sunglasses to electronics. Iquatemi is the largest mall in town. While being in Fortaleza you must visit the traditional markets, with good quality goods and prices here are lower. Street vendors sell handmade things and food items like: iced coconut water, fruit juices. They say "the markets and the various shopping centers are where you need to start your shopping experience and you'll be confronted with the urge to buy everything you see".


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Fortaleza Shops



Avenida Antônio Sales 2772 Lj 02

60135102 Fortaleza

Tel.: 0055(0)85 32246708

  • perfumes



    R. Vicente Leite 2512

    60170 Fortaleza

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 2574284

  • scubadiving


    Alo Biju

    Avenida D Luis 655 lj 4

    60160230 Fortaleza

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32689411

  • jewellery & watches


    Amanda Presentes

    Av Godofredo Maciel 2527 lj 2B

    60710001 Fortaleza

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 34674748

  • gifts & cards


    Manta Diving Center

    Rua Osvaldo Cruz 2453

    60125 Fortaleza

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32644114

    Fax: 0055(0)85 32644114


    Atelie Zelia Rosa

    Rua Antonio Augusto 980

    60110370 Fortaleza

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32269560

  • bride & groom

  • Fortaleza markets


    Morro Branco Market

    Morro Branco Beach


  • traditional market


    Feirinha da Beira Mar

    Avenida Beira Mar (Nautico Atletico Cearense Club)


  • handcrafted arts

  • Fortaleza malls, shopping centres


    Mercado Central Fortaleza

    Avenida Alberto Nepomuceno 199


    Tel.: 0055(0)85 34548244



    Iguatemi mall

    Avenida Washington Soares 85


    Tel.: 0055(0)85) 34773560



    Aldeota mall

    Avenida Desembargador Moreira 1031

    Aldeota, Fortaleza

    Tel.: 0055(0)85 32611368

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